Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey
Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Why Posture Matters and How to Improve Yours: 5 Tips from Dancers

Become a More Confident, Graceful, and Powerful Person by Improving Your Posture Through Dance For a lot of us, our modern lifestyles have made it easy to sit and slouch. Sitting hunched over prevents us from having strong posture–or the posture that uses the least amount of energy to align our bones and muscles and hold us upright.How does bad posture affect our lives and how do we fix it? Symptoms of bad Posture Bone spurs, back and neck pain,

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Dore Designs Trunk Show to Come to Central Jersey

Find the perfect dress for your upcoming dance event. Arthur Murray Central New Jersey will be showcasing the hottest trends in ballroom dance this Friday, December 14th in their Green Brook location. Who is Dore Designs? Whether it’s for an upcoming dance competition or a glamorous dinner-dance, Adore Dore has you covered. Made for movement, durability and and comfort, command the dance floor in a handmade couture gown by a leading ballroom dance fashion designer. Starting at 6pm, stop by

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

A Dance Celebration Extravaganza

How Arthur Murray Does It At Arthur Murray, we teach dance based on a curriculum that must be thoughtfully planned and artfully executed by teachers that work closely with their students to achieve individual goals. Now, what does that mean exactly? What Does Dancing With Arthur Murray Really Mean? When students walk into Arthur Murray for the first time, each comes with a specific goal in mind for themselves. Maybe it’s to learn a couple steps to prepare for an

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

A Black Friday Deal That Will Last a Lifetime

Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY DANCE DEALS! Instead of fighting your way through the crowd just to get an amazing deal on that TV that will keep you glued to the couch and further from your fitness goal, find a Black Friday deal that will be worth it. In the spirit of savings after giving thanks, Arthur Murray Central New Jersey is offering a Black Friday special: Half-off four personal lessons and and three group classes. Regularly valued at $640,

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey


Here’s Where You Can Find All Three In collaboration with Shall we Dance Designs, Arthur Murray Central New Jersey will host a beautiful night of dinner, dancing, and a fashion show — red carpet and all — this Friday, Nov. 16th. Maggie, owner and operator of Shall We Dance Designs, explains what’ll we’ll experience Friday Night Doors will open at 7:00 p.m. The show will feature 15 models, each one wearing a piece from Maggie’s (owner of Shall we Dance Designs) newest collection. This

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Broadway Night Live — A Ravishing Review of Music and Dance

Arthur Murray Central New Jersey Presents: Arthur Murray LIVE! ‘What’s this?’ you may be thinking, ‘the staff of Arthur Murray Central New Jersey can do things other than dance really really well? Impossible!’ From acting and directing to classical opera and musical theater, AM Central New Jersey has enough pooled talent to put on an entire Broadway show — which is exactly what they are doing on October 12th! The Show Next Friday, the community is invited to a spectacular Broadway night

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Dance Your Way to A Cancer-Free Life

Arthur Murray Central New Jersey is Teaming up with the Cancer Hope Network for the Months of October and November Nancy Dango was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42. At a raffle during the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Nancy won eight free ballroom dance lessons. She and her husband walked into Arthur Murray Central New Jersey on a whim, and are still here in ten years later.   Breast Cancer Awareness In honor of Nancy Dango

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Dance is Good for Everything — And Here’s Proof

How Dancing Changes Your Mind, Body, and Soul Why does dancing feel so good? You may know that dancing is the best form of exercise for both brain and body, accessible to anyone and everyone, and has been a part of human culture for millennia. But why does dancing feel so good and how does it affect your life when you’re not dancing? The Ultimate Form of Play Dance is the ultimate form of play, especially partner dancing. It’s non-verbal,

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Still Dancing to the Beat of the ‘80s

Where Today’s Pop-Culture Got its Roots Let’s face it, everybody loves the ‘80s — and if you don’t, you don’t realize that most of the pop-culture you consume today found its inspiration from the era of parachute pants and big shoulder pads. Although we’ve forgone some of the fashion choices, signs of ‘80s nostalgia in pop-culture has outlasted the rolling 20-year cycle of pop-culture trends. Today, 38 years later, ‘80s culture is alive and well in movies, TV, and music; i.e. Stranger Things, The

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Ballroom For Those Winter (And Summer) Nights

Ladies dressed in poodle skirts and gentlemen in leather jackets piled into the Arthur Murray Dance Center at Green Brook with a giddy excitement for a 50’s rock and roll-themed night of dancing — imagine: “Grease,” ballroom edition. Feet framed by little white socks and cuffed jeans shuffled along the floor to the music for Central New Jersey’s first Spotlight Night of the year. A General Dance Spotlight Night is a misnomer: most new students imagine themselves alone on the dance floor with a big spotlight

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