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Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey
Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Dancing for an Event: A How To Guide

So you’ve got a wedding coming up and you want to impress your judgy Aunt Suzie with your killer dance moves. But, where to begin? First, it starts with a mindset. Learning a new skill always takes time. But it will be worth the investment if you plan on using your dancing more than one occasion. 1. Figure out if you’re learning to dance just to dazzle your audience just once (in your face, Aunt Suzie!) or if you’re learning

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

What is Ballroom Dance and Can I Do It?

Ballroom dance can mean many things, from DWTS to a bride and groom’s first dance. Just what falls under the ballroom umbrella? What is ballroom dance anyway? When people hear the words “ballroom dance,” sweeping gowns and royal balls are what most often comes to mind. While that’s not wrong — Cinderella definitely had some lessons — the world of ballroom dance encompasses endless varieties, genres, and styles of dance. In fact, almost any type of partner dance can be

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Want More Confidence? Learn To Dance

Dance is a great avenue to learn how to be more confident. Learning to dance requires you to put yourself in a situation where you may feel silly, have to introduce yourself to a new person, or learn to do something you and your body are wholly unfamiliar with. Through dance you have the opportunity to overcome these challenges everyday and grow from the experience. Here are four ways that dance can help you become the confident person you’ve always

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

5 Common Misconceptions About Ballroom Dancing

1. I’ll never be able to look like the dancers I watch on TV If you’ve ever had the thought while watching your favorite dance show “I’ll never be able to dance like that,” there are some things you should realize about those shows: a. Those people you see flying across the screen have been eating, sleeping, and breathing partner dancing for their entire lives, or at least for a very intensive period of time. b. The secret to their

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

The History of Swing Dance
What is swing dance, where did it come from, and can I dance it?

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire A lot of Arthur Murray students recall seeing their parents do the jitterbug or the lindy hop on the dance floor when they were kids. But what exactly is swing dance, can it be done to modern music, and is it realistic for you to dance it? Where Did Swing Come From? It can be hard to pin down the exact etymology of dance, since, like language, there are many stories and legends behind each dance style’s origins. Developed

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Head to Toe : How Ballroom Dancers Use Their Feet

Ever watch your favorite dance show and wonder what exactly makes one dance different from the next? There are two general categories of dance in the ballroom world; smooth dances vs rhythm dances. Save the long gowns and mini skirts, one of the main differences between the two is how dancers use their feet. Footwork is one of the most important skills dancers can have. But before we get to the feet, just what is a rhythm or a smooth

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

The Dancer Within

What Studio Events Can Do For You A Dancing Extravaganza I’m sure you’ve heard it around the studio, murmurs of night of dinner and dancing, the buzz from teachers and students; it’s Arthur Awards season at Arthur Murray Central New Jersey! Events in the studio may seems mysterious or intimidating, especially when you’ve just started your dance journey. Any event that a studio can put on for its students is designed to be fun and a rewarding experience. Just remember:

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Screen Time < Dance Time

How Learning to Dance Reconnects You With Your Community One of the best things about learning to dance isn’t actually about the dancing at all. Dancing is about making connections and finding a community. We spend a lot of our time busy on the screen and we forget how to connect with people right here, one on one. A lot of people who learn to dance with Arthur Murray do so while also learning how to reconnect with the people

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Transform Your Body And Have a Blast Doing It

Dancing for an hour burns about 400 calories. Not to mention, it gives you a rush of feel-good endorphins and lifts mood, improves heart health, and is a life-long low-impact skill. You see it all the time at Arthur Murray, students walking out of their lessons, sweaty but smiling and on a high. It makes a lot of the instructors happy to see their students’ bodies changing, not just dance-wise, but dropping weight, seeing them less awkward when they look

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Overcome Your Shyness, Find Your Community, Be Yourself

Want to get rid of the butterflies in your stomach every time you talk to a new person or get on the dance floor? There are ways you can overcome that shyness — it’s a learned skill. This year is the year to do something about it! How Dance Helps You Overcome Shyness There are many people who come to a dance studio in hopes that dance will help them overcome their shyness. If you google “how to overcome shyness, you will

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