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Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

Dancing for an Event: A How To Guide

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New Jersey

So you’ve got a wedding coming up and you want to impress your judgy Aunt Suzie with your killer dance moves.

But, where to begin?

First, it starts with a mindset.
Learning a new skill always takes time. But it will be worth the investment if you plan on using your dancing more than one occasion.

1. Figure out if you’re learning to dance just to dazzle your audience just once (in your face, Aunt Suzie!) or if you’re learning to dance as a skill that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

If it’s the former, then you may be able to get by with a few lessons of choreography from your instructor.

If you want to learn to be able to dance with your partner or anyone for any occasion, though, you may have to start with the basics. Rather than memorizing a routine as a one-time thing, you’ll need to understand the mechanics of what’s happening with your body and someone else’s when you dance together.

What you want to look like will determine how much time it will take you to reach your goal.
Even learning for a one-time event may take more time than you may think.

2. Don’t procrastinate! Coming in two weeks before your event may work if you come in every day, but for most that’s not terrifically realistic. If you want to feel comfortable on the dancefloor even for a one-time event, take a look at your schedule to see how often you’d be able to get to the studio for a lesson. If it’s only once a week, you may be looking at 3-4 months or even longer beforehand to get yourself prepared.

Dancers may make it look easy, but moving to music with another person takes a lot of brain and body power. While this makes dancing one of the best things you can do to maintain your health, it also means there’s a lot to learn.

The good news? It’s fun! Learning to dance may be more of an investment in time than you thought, but the process should be fun, high energy, and stress-free.

Group classes and practice parties

3. If your studio offers group classes, use them! The more time on the floor (especially if it’s supervised), the better.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Central New JerseyA lot of people getting ready for an impending event may shy away from group classes–especially if they’re not going over the dances they work on with their private instructors. While personal instruction is necessary to learn new material, patterns, and timing, group classes are where you get repetition, review, and more practice time understanding how to move your body. It’s a great chance to do the “homework” that your personal instructor may give you and enhance your dancing. As long as the class is at your level, your body will thank you for it!

Real-World Scenarios

4. Get some real-world practice in at parties. Studio parties are a chance to take your dancing out for a test drive before the big event! It is a great chance to learn how you will react with other couples on the floor and without your teacher beside you (though they will be at a safe distance away poised to help!)

Keeping these things in mind will ensure that you have a blast at whatever event you’re preparing for. If dance is something you want to develop as a lifelong skill, start now! You just might inspire Aunt Suzie to take some lessons as well.

Written by Jindalae Suh for Arthur Murray Central New Jersey

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Zach Clark
Zach Clark
Roxanne & Ben were invaluable in helping prep us for our wedding. What a fun and rewarding crash course in the art of the box step and twirl.
Ben and Roxanne are both such fun, skilled instructors! My fiancé and I had a four lesson “crash course” with them during which they helped us get ready for the first dance at our wedding. We haven’t had our wedding yet, but we feel so much more confident for the big day after learning the dance they choreographed for our song! We can’t wait to refine it and have a blast.
Daniel Brawand
Daniel Brawand
This place is really sweet. The instructors are all very knowledgeable, kind, and fun! You can tell they really put effort into building a sense of community and non judgement. A refreshing experience to be a part of the little Arthur Murray family for a while while I lived in this part of town. Highly recommend for anyone like me that doesn’t have any experience and wants to give it a go in a welcoming place with folks of all skill levels 👍.
Daniel Stevens
Daniel Stevens
Had our dance lessons here for our wedding. I went in not being able to keep a beat and with no dance knowledge. After just 2 months of classes I felt confident during mine and my wife’s first dance. We worked closest with Ben and he was excellent. Every time we got to work with Bob and Roxanne their enthusiasm rubbed off on us and we had a great time.
Sooseon Kim
Sooseon Kim
Arthur Murray/ An unforgettable Memory, Sooseon Kim “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.” Hi. This is Susan Kim. I’m from Seoul, Korea. I want to share a very special experience I had during last summer. I was so lucky to join the ballroom dance classes for 2 weeks at Arthur Murray (Franchised Dance Centers), located in Highland Park, NJ After the first free lesson and consultation with the instructor, Ben, I instantly decided to register Arthur Murray and spend my time & energy on Ballroom dancing. Ben recommended me to choose ‘Starter Program Package’. At that time, I only had two weeks left before going back to Korea. He explained to me, “It would be great to experience as many as possible in various ways. Starter Program consists of Individual Lesson, Group Lesson and Practice Session. How was it? It was an absolutely awesome experience. All the teachers and staff were kind, friendly and gorgeous. Also, the atmosphere of the studio was very comfortable and convenient for the sake of students. Needless to say, Ben was a very gentle, professional and confident teacher. I instantly figured out how extremely well-qualified he was. I was amazed by not only his elaborate teaching skills but also his endless patience with his students.^^ Actually, I never expected that there was a decent dance studio near my place, New Brunswick. I only searched several dance centers in Manhattan and gave up easily due to an inconvenient location. That’s why I was so excited to find out Arthur Murray in Highland Park. “Exposure & Repetition” these two key words that Ben emphasized to me every time. Those two words are still kept in my mind.
Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
We have loved our classes at Arthur Murray! My husband and I have always wanted to be able to dance at weddings and now we can and do! We enjoyed our beginners program so much that we signed up for the next level as a 30th anniversary present to ourselves. The teachers are all wonderful and so are our fellow students. Highly recommend!
Bob Gai
Bob Gai
Great place, awesome people.. You will love it there..!